I’Ve Walked Among The Dead

I’ve walked among the dead

and felt the most alive. 

There’s no angst nor dread 

inside the crypt tonight.

To me the dead feel very real -

more solid than the living. 

Among the tombs I feel the thrill 

of the not knowing.

What lies ahead? Another day? 

Or time has stopped for now?

Is there an end? I hope and pray 

that you will keep your vow. 

From inside a tomb a song is heard, 

the words subdued and blurred: 

‘Love and death are one and the same,  

We’ve played the deadly game..’

Among the dead I have no fear

Amongst them I feel free

In a tomb on the right rests a composer, 

A poet sleeps next to him.

I long for the wisdom they once shared,

I implore them to give me a hint.

The fragility of life is suddenly bare:

we are all here for a mere stint. 

Copyright: Nara Hodge 2019

*Previously published by Harness Magazine at www.harnessmagazine.com