Westminster Attack

When the darkness fell over the Thames
And the silence temporarily reigned, 
Pain, grief, tears, defiance and courage
Joined in unison to triumph over the carnage.

The evil that attempted to tear apart
Westminster's bold, rock-solid heart, 
Once again failed in its endeavour
To destroy democracy forever.

In tragedy incredible bravery shown,
United in grief, no one was alone. 
The Palace of Westminster stood guard- 
Imposing, silently grieving, but unscarred. 

Those who're gone, will not be forgotten;
The shared pain will be reminded of often. 
For broken hearts, there will be no cure. 
The kindness of strangers will endure. 

The sun will rise over Westminster Bridge,
Embracing with its rays the iconic image,
Painting the sky a defiant, bold shade
Of golden yellow and scarlet red. 

London - magnificent, splendid, grand! 
The city of contrasts, shadows and light, 
A glorious monument to survival -
In its resilience, it is unrivalled.

                                 22 March 2017

Copyright: Nara Hodge 2017



westminster bridge.jpg