I Wish I Could....

I wish I could be brave enough
To share the words I write in secret,
When among the shining stars
I see my every word reflected.

I wish I could walk across the sky
To reach the star shining the brightest,
To implore her not to magnify
My fearful doubts, my crippling shyness.

I wish I could swim across the oceans
Aided by fierce, billowing waves,
Oblivious to the capricious motion, 
Surrendering to what my spirit craves.

I wish I could talk to the hazy horizon, 
Confide in it all the things that I hide
In my secluded conscience, and be brazen,
For once having shaken off restricting ties.

I wish I could whisper to the icy wind
The name that I dare not mention,
Thus releasing the truth forever twinned
With an all-consuming obsession.

Copyright: Nara Hodge 2018


Image by Redhot Productions Ltd